Mission Bay

The newest neighborhood in San Francisco just might be Mission Bay. Rising from the former Southern Pacific train yards, the luxury condominiums of Mission Bay surround the high tech biotech campus of UC Medical Center. Eventually 6,000 new units will be built on the 300 acres next to the bay. Flat, sunny, and with plenty of parking, Mission Bay offers great views of the bay from rooftop gardens.

The brand new development includes the first library to be built in San Francisco in 40 years, as well as the newest Whole Foods on 4th Street. The up and coming neighborhood stands in stark contrast to San Francisco's historic outpost of Victorians called Dogpatch. Amongst the freight warehouses, a lively mix of cafes and restaurants has sprung up. These include classic diner Just for You Cafe, and gourmet pizza Piccino on 22nd Street, and Serpentine on 3rd St. Waterfront restaurants include Kelly's Mission Rock and The Ramp, a dockside, down home restaurant offering old fashioned burgers and fries and a weekend brunch where diners fend off hungry seagulls.