Looking for Home Improvement Ideas? Consider Upgrading to a “Smart Home”.

Never mind painters and interior designers. Your next remodeling job at home may call for technology consultants.

Many new homes today have “smart home” technologies already wired into their walls, offering a range of automated options that were unthinkable even 10 years ago. And owners of existing homes will soon be scrambling to catch up, if they haven’t already done so.

Smart homes have home-security and energy-management devices that can be controlled from a smartphone or over the Internet. Some of these devices allow homeowners to […]

Time to Get an iPhone 5!

For Apple fans, yesterday was big – and the reviews have started coming in:  “iPhone 5 Blends Beauty With Versatility”, “Apple iPhone 5 upgrades aren’t mind-blowing, but final product is incredible”.

Most of what was expected with the new iPhone 5 materialized:  thinner, lighter, a larger retina display, a more powerful processor (that uses less power), and LTE capable (for lightning fast connectivity).  What I really love about Apple is the attention to detail – and this phone looks beautiful.


Now I need to get me […]